Refactoring Leadership

A geek struggles to become a leader

Refactoring Leadership

You probably haven't heard of me. If you have, I'm not that guy anymore. I don't do those things anymore. I probably won't post my machine learning code in C# or Python. I probably won't be showing you amazing Reflection Emit metaprogramming tricks or showing you how to harness GPU computing from managed code.

I won't make any claims about being the best RockstarNinjaUnicorn developer, but I was successful as a developer and even more so as a software architect. To become successful, I cultivated various habits. These habits involve how I work, how I learn, and how I improve. Most importantly, I am hard-wired for constant introspection. I am my worst critic, and I'm always on.

This is the story of a life long geek who became a manager and hopes to become a leader. I manage developers, software architects, DBAs, and IT infrastructure pros. I want to be great at this.