Another Journey of Learning and Teaching is Coming

by Damon Payne 1. April 2011 21:15

Back in September of 2008 during the Silverlight 2 era I wanted to do a proof of concept for a Silverlight design surface.  I called this Argentum Tela.  My goal was to take a complex project and blog about the various design decisions that were made, why they were made, and to just have fun.  The project started here on my blog and ended here on codeplex.  I still get a lot of questions about this project and I've had some people use it in commercial business apps.

I don't have all the answers, I'm a fellow traveler on this road; however I have been doing a lot of complex Silverlight applications for more than three years now and along the way I've formed some patterns and practices.  For the next couple of months I'll be sharing that knowledge with you.


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