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Milton Friedman, not strictly an objectivist, has some great quotes in Capitalism and Freedom.  Today, musing over my issues with UPS (didn't deliver my projector), Dell, Subaru (the local dealer not the car company that I still admire), and others, one idea from his book came back to me.  I'm going to slightly mis-quote this admirable thinker rather than dig through his book for the exact words of this quote, forgive my laziness:

"You can coerce people to be at a certain place at a certain time, and to perform a task in that place for a certain number of hours, but you cannot coerce people to do their best."

You cannot use force on people to get them to give up the best products of their minds. 


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8/28/2007 6:01:59 PM #

Ever read any Ayn Rand?  I recently went through 'Atlas Shrugged' for the first time and found it a mind-blowing experience. I think you might like it.  Central to the story (and it is a story, in addition to being a philosophical text) is a group of characters' resolution not to give up the products of their minds to the masses which have become parasites.


8/30/2007 12:26:19 AM #

Isn't the author of this here blog an Objectivist?  Or am I confused.  Anyway, cheers to Jessica for digging into Atlas Shrugged and totally getting it!


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