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by Administrator 27. July 2007 17:51

My beloved HD projector started exhibiting some issues, mostly during Blu-Ray playback over the HDMI port.  Cruising some forums it seems that this huge purple line or white flash I sometimes see could be fixed by either firmware (not user upgradable) or a stuck dynamic Iris.  My projector (PT-AX100U) uses a dynamic iris to increase the contrast significantly.  My home theater and gaming depends on this device, I'm incredibly spoiled by always playing games on a 106" screen in a huge room in 5.1 so I'm not going to bother with any games until I get it back.  This would be the 4th piece of technology I've broken in a very short period of time.

Movies at Damon's, which I know some readers are on the mailing list for, will resume when my projector comes back.  300 will most likely be the next title, as it is supposed to be stunning in HD.  Anyone in the metro Milwaukee area who wants to be on the mailing list, leave or send me your address.


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Mary Baumer
Mary Baumer
8/4/2007 12:42:14 AM #

gee whiz, you and the electronics lately are not doing well....maybe you need to get away from the plug in stuff and live in a cave for a week or something to nerf the bad technology karma


8/10/2007 10:32:31 PM #

I live in a cave.  I purposely plug things into the wall socket while standing in a pool of water.  Maybe the two are related?


Andrew Stivison
Andrew Stivison
10/20/2007 3:46:47 PM #

Hello Damon,

I was just checking to see if you had the purple line with your projector resolved? I have the same proplem with my PT-AX100u but only on Blu ray playback on my PS3. I have herd a signal extender for the HDMI will help with this issue but have not tried this myself. Any input would be helpful.


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