Thanks, Sony

by Administrator 9. July 2007 16:05

Dear Sony,

Thank you for punishing your early adopters.  Revisions in console hardware and specifications are no doubt unavoidable, however cutting the price on the PS3 mere months after it was released, along with offering a new version containing an 80gb HD and the full version of Motorstorm so soon seems like a bit of a slap to the 6million or so people who just bought these things.  The loud and clear message is to not buy consoles at launch. 


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Brennan Stehling
Brennan Stehling
7/10/2007 3:51:35 PM #

I agree that it sucks for you. I have been waiting for a decent integrated media device for my home theater that will act as a game console, dvd player and dvr as well as a downloadable movie player. (dmp?) So far the XBox and Apple TV do not quite do all of that. I think until there is a deal made with the cable companies it will never happen. If Microsoft agreed to use Time Warner hosting facilities for their gaming servers they could work out a deal to allow the XBox to run as a DVR and I would finally have the home media center I want.


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